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What We Believe 


What the Bible teaches about the Bible:

  • The Bible alone is the inspired Word of God.  The Old Testament was validated by Christ and the New Testament was authorized by Christ as being the Word of God.  There is no subsequent or other written revelation from God.

  • The inspiration of the original autographs of the Bible is verbal, plenary, flawless, and final.

  • The Bible's message is  universally authoritative, historically accurate, personally transforming, and eternally relevant.

What the Bible teaches about God:

  • There is one true God: infinite in being, eternally coexisting in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • God is revealed as holy, righteous, eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and sovereign.

  • The eternal Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, became man; possessing both full Deity and sinless, perfect humanity.

    • His holy character and morally flawless life displayed the glory of God.

    • His death at Calvary was purposed eternally.  That death was necessary to meet God's righteous sentence of judgment against us for having broken His holy law.

    • He physically arose from the dead and ascended into heaven.

    • The account of His death as a sacrifice for sin, His burial and resurrection comprise the message known as the Gospel.

    • He will ultimately return to earth to establish His righteous kingdom.


What the Bible teaches about Humanity:

  • Adam, the head of the human family, created in the image of God, sinned against God through disobedience of God's commandment.

  • We, consequently, live in a creation scarred by that original sin.  And we ourselves sin repeatedly since by our very nature we are sinners and will be held accountable by God for our personal sin.

  • Our sin is a violation of God's holy law; God's righteousness requires eternal punishment against us because of that sin.

  • God provides salvation to every person who will repent of their sin and receive His salvation in Christ.

  • Every person will exist eternally either in God's kingdom or under His judgement by their own choice of accepting or rejecting God's offer of salvation.


What the Bible teaches about Salvation:

  • Personal salvation is necessary for all and is received by faith alone in Christ and His atoning death.

  • Reptentance of sin and believing in Christ as Savior and Lord results in the complete forgiveness of sins and present possession of eternal life.

  • Salvation is an instantaneous, once-for-all moment that secures eternal life which can never be lost.

  • Every person who is saved is immediately indwelled by the Spirit of God and born into the family of God.

  • Through the Holy Spirit, God empowers and purposes for each person to live that they might glorify God.


What the Bible teaches about the Church:

  • All who have trusted Christ for personal salvation become members of His church which, mystically, is His body.

  • Local gatherings of Christians "in His name" and owning His authority comprise local assembly testimony.

  • The mission of the local church is to glorify God in worship, nuture Christian growth of believers and proclaim the Gospel.

  • The responsibility for function of the local church involves the priesthood of all believers, presided over by the Holy Spirit. 

  • The sole authority for the function of the local church is, alone, the Word of God administered by spiritually minded overseers acknowledging the authority of the Lord.


What the Bible teaches about the Future:

  • The return of the Lord Jesus to the air to rapture all who are saved is imminent.

  • All who have heard the Gospel before the rapture will have no more opportunity for salvation.

  • The rise of the Anti-christ and the Great Tribulation will follow, culminating in the return of Christ to earth with His church to judge the nations.

  • The Lord Jesus will establish His kingdom on earth for a period of 1000 years.

  • The Lord Jesus will subdue the final rebellion of Satan, who will be consigned to the lake of fire forever.

  • The Lord Jesus will judge all who rejected Him in their lifetime at the Great White Throne and consign them to the lake of fire forever.

  • The new heavens and new earth will be created, the kingdom of God will be established, and the Day of God will begin with eternal reward and blessing for all believers. 


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